Sunday’s Gatherings Covid Update

Dear brothers and sisters,  Last Sunday’s Gathering was a very blessed time with the Lord and I look forward to an even greater move of the Holy Spirit this week.  I am grateful for your continued cooperation and participation at our Gathering. Please note we will be operating our Sunday Gathering this week in the […]

Sunday’s Gatherings Covid Update

Dear brothers and sisters, Thank you so much for your cooperation during last Sunday’s Gathering. We had over 273 in attendance, the highest since the pandemic started. We need to make a few adjustments, so we can continue to make our Gatherings as safe as possible and at the same time be open to what […]

Beautiful Saviour 2022

An event for women. This year’s event will be both in person and online Bookings opening soon.

Give Me A New Heart

Give me a new heart, this one is old Tired, empty, and hard as stone I need a new heart, humble and meek, Thankful, trusting, not too proud to be weak. A heart that knows I am nothing on my own. That in my weakness Your power may be shown.

Prayer at the Centre Thursday Night 7pm

As you would be aware, our week of prayer and fasting begins this Saturday 15th and goes through to next Thursday 20th.    Each year at this time we set apart this week to fast and seek the Lord for the year ahead – both personally, as clusters and as a community. To this end I […]