Quote from Sunday’s Gathering 25th July 2021

We need the Holy Spirit in all things particularly in our guidance to lead the christian life. We can’t live the christian life without the Holy Spirit. Points from the Talk: Intercession The Holy Spirit illuminates our mind Proclamation A prayer language  

Sunday Gathering On-line

Welcome to the Servants of Jesus Sunday Gathering on-line. Today Richard Martin is speaking from Romans 8:26-27 on how the Holy Spirit is our Helper in prayer in intercession, illuminating our mind, proclamation and gives us a  prayer language. https://youtu.be/yHo6aqnZRbw

Announcements for11th July 2021

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Quote from Sunday’s Gathering 11th July 2021

In the parable of the Good Samaritan Jesus is clearly stating, not only do we have to reach out spiritually with the gospel but also practically. That they go hand in hand. One is the said Word of God and the other one is the Word of God in our actions. New Testament holiness is […]