General Gathering Live Stream May 2nd 2021

Join us for our General Gathering Online Our speaker today is Joseph Chircop and he is speaking from Acts 2:1-11 and his topic ‘The Descent of the Holy Spirit’. Our worship leader is Niall Slattery with Michael Black, Eleanor Bonwick, Olivia Axiak, Daniel Pace, Jessica Kelly and Daniel Schoemaker.

Quote from Sunday’s Gathering 25th April 2021

Jesus’ baptism is an anticipation of his passion. His emersion into water is a symbol of his death, which he knew. Jesus speaks of his baptism as a baptism of death (Mark 10:38). So, Jesus, like Moses, acts as the ideal intercessor. Not standing apart from sinners but in total solidarity with them under God’s […]

General Gathering Live Stream 25th April 2021

Join us  this Anzac day for our General Gathering. The speaker today is Richard Martin and his the title of his talk is New Beggining. The texts he will be using is from Mark 1:9-11.  Our worship will be led by Gerry Martin. Our band members are Jonny Black, Brittany Tynan, Nicolette Axiak, Nathan Egan […]

Quotes from Sunday’s Gathering 4th April 2021

We can’t believe in the resurrection unless we believe that Jesus is the Son of God, unless we believe that he is God. Praying in the Holy Spirit is allowing him to speak, allowing him to speak through you.

Servants of Jesus General Gathering 21st March 2021

Our General Gathering is now online. The speaker this week is Richard Martin. He is speaking on the second part of the parable of the sower, our response to hearing the God’s voice. Our Worship leaders are, Niall Slattery with Michael Black and Rachel Leslie.

Upcoming Wildfire Online

Get ready for the first week of the easter program. The team will be looking at the life of Jesus starting this week with his birth and baptism in the Jordon river. Download the craft from the link below and be ready for instructions in the upcoming video. There will be some worship, a bible […]

Quote from Sunday’s Gathering

The Word of God sets me free. It makes me a child of God. It makes me move from the natural into a supernatural dimension of how I am called to be. It releases my destiny.

Servants of Jesus Gathering Live Stream

View our General Gathering Sunday 7th March 2021 with Joseph Chircop. Worship Leaders Julie Chircop, Declan Ryan, Brittany Tynan and Rachel Leslie. Joseph will be speaking on; God is kind to the unfaithful and the wicked. The text he will be using is from Luke 6:27-38 (ESV).