Summary of Sunday’s Gathering Talk 12th June 2022

This weeks talk was given by Christopher NooneThe title is ‘Attitude of Gratitude’. Given 12th June 2022 Thanksgiving needs to be cultivated   Psalm 103 “Bless the Lord o my soul and never forget His benefits….” Story of ten lepers – only ONE came back. Derek Prince “Thanksgiving does not come naturally; it must be […]

Summary of Sunday’s Gathering Talk

This weeks talk was given by Joseph ChircopThe title is ‘Our Indwelling Spirit’. Given 5th June 2022 The text for this weeks talk was taken from Acts 2:1-4 and John 14:15-18. Joseph resources the book ‘The Holy Spirit in You’, the chapter ‘Our Indwelling Spirit’ by Derek Prince. To purchase the book from Derek Prince […]

The Prayer of John Fletcher For More Oil

Lord, I stand in need of oil. My lamp burns dimly.It is more like a smoking flax than a burning and shining light.Oh, quench it not, raise it to a flame! I want ‘power from on high’; I want penetrating, lasting ‘unction of the Holy One’; I want my vessel full of oil; I want […]

Prayer from Derek Prince

Dear heavenly Father, thank you for sending me the Holy Spirit, even when I can’t feel him I thank you that he is always with me strengthening and assuring me with his presence. Thank you for his power and protection over me and those I love. Father I ask that you would allow me to […]

Servants of Jesus Gatherings over the next 3 weeks

As you would be aware the NSW Premier has announced the roadmap out of lockdown. In light of this, a comprehensive email will be sent to you in the coming week profiling our plans going forward.  For the present, here is the plan for our Gatherings over the next three weeks: 3rd, 10th and 17th October. We […]

General Gathering Live Stream May 9th 2021

Welcome to our General Gathering livestream service Happy Mother’s Day. This week’s gathering speaker is Joseph Chircop who will be continuing his talk from last week on the coming of the Holy Spirit, preparing for the great feast of Pentecost. His bible text is Acts 10:44-48 from the New English version. Our worship leader is […]

Quote from Sunday’s Worship

The Word of the Lord has to have action. It’s like a menu, we don’t eat the menu. It’s just words on a paper, but we want to feast from what’s on that menu in reality. We want the goods in reality that feed us and refresh us and recreate us and give us new […]

Ben Gray Visit

Ben Gray will be visiting us this weekend. He will speaking at the Young Adults seminar,  Be Set Apart, on Saturday and speaking at both Gatherings on Sunday.In addition to the coffee shop opening between Gatherings it will also be be open from 1 – 1.30pm, no orders will be taken after 1.30pm due to Mass starting […]

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