Here is some of the latest information regarding Covid restrictions for Greater Sydney,

The extracts below are taken from the Public Health (COVID-19 Greater Sydney) Order (No 2) 2021 (Wednesday 23rd June 2021). Both these impact our work within the SOJ premises.

12 Direction of Minister about singing on non-residential premises

(1) The Minister directs that the occupier of non-residential premises must ensure that persons in an indoor area of the premises do not sing.

15 Direction to wear fitted face coverings

(1) The Minister directs that—

(a) a person must wear a fitted face covering over both the person’s nose and mouth while in any indoor area of non-residential premises.

(4) a person may remove a fitted face covering the person…. in the following circumstances—

the person is working alone in an indoor area like an office until another person enters the area.

This Public Health Order is in place till 12:01am Thursday 1st July.

Between now and Wednesday 30th June inclusive when inside the SOJ premises we avoid singing and be mindful of those situations when we need to wear a fitted face coverings (masks).

I shall forward more information as we approach 30th June and know what is happening next.

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