Dear brothers and sisters

Thank to everyone who participated in the prayer and fasting, we are grateful to God for the Thursday night finale which was a huge success. 

It would seem that the Lord is asking us through Joel 2:12-19 and Deut 11:10-15 to turn back to Him “rend out hearts and not our garments”. It seems that if we obey Him He will send the autumn and spring rains. This points to God’s protection and blessing over us. 

On a practical note, we are still having two meetings – with registrations. We would hope that when the next restrictions are lifted we’ll be able to have meetings without registrations. We still have space every Sunday in both meetings, there is no reason why both meetings cannot be filled.   

Having said this, we do understand for health reasons that some may not be able to come. 

At the end of March we will celebrating our official 40th birthday as a community. We’re very grateful to God for the 40 years. However, in order to continue to grow and prosper, we need to be totally committed to the vision of the community. As Ps Jaques shared here in May 2014: 

“Agreement brings power….It is not the preaching or even miracles that will build a church …it is when the people come into agreement about the vision and purpose that builds….we align our lives with these we are in agreement with….it’s so important to be in alignment with the vision of the house…” 

Thanking you once again for your support. We pray for a blessed 2021 as we journey together. 

God bless you

Joseph Chircop

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