U Turn is a gap year programme run by Servants Of Jesus Community and is designed to prepare young people by giving them direction for the fullness of life that God intends for them.

Through teaching and practical outworking, the team is equipped to reach out to others in love in the power of the Holy Spirit. Some of their activities include.

  • Leading a weekly Youth Group
  • Helping with our Refugee and Outreach programme
  • Participating in our Street ministry programme
  • Personal development in faith and character
  • Developing skills to lead others

When possible, there is usually a ministry trip overseas at the end of the year to consolidate what they have learned and experienced during the year.

Young people who have completed U-turn in previous years have stated that they felt empowered and enabled for the new challenges that life had in store for them.

If you are interested, please contact Niall Slattery for more information. niall@servantsofjesus.org

Niall slattery

Team leader

Born and raised in the UK, Niall had a powerful encounter with God that changed the course of his life in his early twenties. Since that time, Niall has continued to serve the Lord around the world.

Niall leads our team with over a decade of experience in running retreats and events for youth and young adults.

Michael Martin

Team leader

Michael was born in Sydney. He grew up as part of the Servants of Jesus Community. He is currently studying Theology and Philosophy at Notre Dame university in Sydney.

He has a gifting to teach all aspects of the faith and has a heart to inspire true worship and genuine discipleship especially in young people.

Alice Wall

team member

Uturn has been a great opportunity for me to surrender this year to God and to be formed in Him. By serving God and others and spending time in prayer, I’ve already noticed a great change in my myself and my relationship with God. I am really looking forward to developing my understanding of God and learning to love Him more!

Kiara Egan

team member

I have dedicated my year towards U-turn to gain a deeper understanding of my relationship with God. I hope to find refreshment in my life and my faith, especially before beginning tertiary study. This year I want to create a foundation with God by growing in my prayer and worship.

Moriah Hoffmann

team member

This year I feel called to honour and serve the Lord and build strong foundations that will carry me throughout my life. I hope to develop a deep personal relationship with God this year and make him the centre of my life.

Rebekah cody

team member

I grew up in the community watching many teams go through. I decided to do U-turn because I didn’t know what to do throughout the year, and thought it would be a good opportunity to grow in my faith, my prayer life, and my relationship with God.

Dan McMurray

team member

I chose to do Uturn to take a break from studying and to step back from the busyness of life. I also desire to build my relationship with God over this year as a strong foundation.

Veronica Bourke

team member

This year I felt God calling me to take a year to develop a deeper understanding standing of who he his and grow my relationship with him. I have enjoyed being a part of the team so far and am excited to what else lies ahead.


“I saw a significant transformation in my son within the 11 months that he spent on the team".
Simon Black
“Looking back, I can see how my year on U-Turn prepared me for the journey ahead. I am very grateful to have spent the year on team, it was the best investment I could have made”. 
Joel Tynan
“I couldn’t bear the thought of going from study into more study, so it was a fantastic gap-year”. 
Susannah Hoffmann
“I honestly didn’t know what I wanted to do, or where I was headed when I left high school, but by the time I had finished the U-Turn program I knew exactly what I wanted to do”. 
Michael Noone

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