The team motto ‘Direction 4 Life’ provides insight into the opportunities available for development in faith, character and friendships.

Throughout the year, members of the Servants of Jesus Community provide teaching and assistance to the team in developing a personal faith and a deeper self-understanding. 

Team members in turn, assist our charity arm, Community Care. Working to support our Refugee program and Hope Outreach, they are involved practically in providing compassion and building awareness of the less fortunate.

U-turn runs over 11 months and is based at the Servants of Jesus Community Centre. 

Niall slattery

Team leader

Born and raised in the UK, Niall had a powerful encounter with God that changed the course of his life in his early twenties. Since that time, Niall has continued to serve the Lord around the world.

Niall leads our team with over a decade of experience in running retreats and events for youth and young adults.

joel martin

team member

I’m doing U-Turn to totally devote this year to serving God and strengthen my relationship with Him. Next year I am going to be studying a Bachelor of Theology and Philosophy, and I see U-Turn as a perfect way to be formed and discipled before pursuing further study. In my spare time I like to read, run, and surf. My hero is St Thomas Aquinas.

cassie luna

team member

I felt to do U-Turn in this season to deepen my understanding of who God is and who I am in God. A hero of mine would be Katherine Kuhlman. I’m really inspired by her courage to move in Faith and allow for the Holy Spirit to work through her to perform miracles which solely give all the glory to God the Father, and that’s a legacy I’d want to have for my life.

claire Bourke

team member

I’ve wanted to to U-Turn ever since I first learned about it when my older sister Isabelle did it in her gap year. 
The people who inspire me most in the world are my parents. I am motivated by their hard work and tenacity and unwavering faith in the hardest of times. They constantly challenge me to be a better person and I am who I am today because of them. 
I love doing little art projects, baking, gardening with my sister, finding new op shops, singing and Psalm 23. 

michaela hoffmann

team member

I’m doing U Turn this year because I really wanted to give God the first fruits of my adult life. Jesus is my number one inspiration for everything, and I want to give back to him but also grow closer to him this year. I am passionate about helping those who have been discarded or left out by society. So next year I will be studying a Bachelor of Communications at UTS. I really believe that God can use me in this area to give a voice to the voiceless by working with NGO’s and not-for-profit organisations.

emmaline wright

team member

U Turn has always been something I wanted to do because growing up in this community I always admired those on the team. 
What attracted me to U Turn was being able to give a year of my life to God, to serve others and to be challenged in my knowledge of God and grow in my relationship with Him. 
I have a passion for serving others and God has given me a great joy in doing that. I also have an interest in health, to that end I have a strong desire to become a nurse and will study nursing at Sydney University next year.


“I saw a significant transformation in my son within the 11 months that he spent on the team".
Simon Black
“Looking back, I can see how my year on U-Turn prepared me for the journey ahead. I am very grateful to have spent the year on team, it was the best investment I could have made”. 
Joel Tynan
“I couldn’t bear the thought of going from study into more study, so it was a fantastic gap-year”. 
Susannah Hoffmann
“I honestly didn’t know what I wanted to do, or where I was headed when I left high school, but by the time I had finished the U-Turn program I knew exactly what I wanted to do”. 
Michael Noone