The team motto ‘Direction 4 Life’ provides insight into the opportunities available for development in faith, character and friendships.

Throughout the year, members of the Servants of Jesus Community provide teaching and assistance to the team in developing a personal faith and a deeper self-understanding. 

Team members in turn, assist our charity arm, Community Care. Working to support our Refugee program and Hope Outreach, they are involved practically in providing compassion and building awareness of the less fortunate.

U-turn runs over 11 months and is based at the Servants of Jesus Community Centre. 

Niall slattery

Team leader

Born and raised in the UK, Niall had a powerful encounter with God that changed the course of his life in his early twenties. Since that time, Niall has continued to serve the Lord around the world.

Niall leads our team with over a decade of experience in running retreats and events for youth and young adults.

emma black

team member

 I have a massive passion for not just art but mission work and fundraising for social justice issues. Often I find God uses both areas of my heart in a way that they work together; where creativity opens a way for the expression of Gods heart for his people.

Teressa Vu

team member

I have a passion for Gardening and reading the bible.

Bernadette Vergara

team member

I have a heart and passion for God’s world and all creation within it which perfectly relates to my interests in the science field, specifically across bio medical, earth and environmental, and animal science. This also gives me a great platform for my creativity through photography to be expresses as I document the masterpiece God has created.


“I saw a significant transformation in my son within the 11 months that he spent on the team".
Simon Black
“Looking back, I can see how my year on U-Turn prepared me for the journey ahead. I am very grateful to have spent the year on team, it was the best investment I could have made”. 
Joel Tynan
“I couldn’t bear the thought of going from study into more study, so it was a fantastic gap-year”. 
Susannah Hoffmann
“I honestly didn’t know what I wanted to do, or where I was headed when I left high school, but by the time I had finished the U-Turn program I knew exactly what I wanted to do”. 
Michael Noone