We are renovating the Centre’s main hall during March and the following information outlines the way several Ministries will continue to meet during this time:
•The Children’s Ministry will remain on livestream for the Term. 
•Youth will have their normal Friday night meetings, upstairs as scheduled. 
•Young Adults will have their Friday night meetings as small groups, held in homes and will be the attendees at the first three Sunday Gatherings in March.
•The March 40-Hour Prayer Vigil will be held in homes predominantly. (At the centre from Friday 7:00am till 4:00pm then in homes).
•We will be having our SOJ 40th Anniversary on Sunday 28th March, weather permitting, outside. It will either be our two Gatherings or one big Gathering, held on our side car park.
Your Area Pastor and Ministry Leader will provide you with further information as needed.
Thanks everyone for your prayers and o-operation with this exciting endeavour.
God bless you,
Joseph Chircop

Senior Leader 

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