As you are aware, this Sunday we will be celebrating our 40th birthday as a covenant community. Just a few housekeeping points for your attention:

  1. The meeting will be held outside in the normal carpark area.
  2. Please allow time to arrive 10am for a 10.15am start. No registration needed.
  3. If you are young and have no children please park in Powers Road (between Station Road and Seven Hills Station.) Everyone else will need to park in Park Road or Brumby Street NB. We  may have our parking area available if dried out by Sunday. 
  4. Lunch – a sausage sizzle will be provided on site but we understand you may prefer to bring your own.  
  5. Hebrews and Wholly Ground coffee shops will be open for drinks and snacks. 

 We really look forward to seeing you on Sunday as we celebrate this special milestone in our lives.

Yours in Christ’s Love

Joseph Chircop

Senior Leader 

Watch Online

Livestream the event from home on Saturday 26th March 2022.

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