Dear brothers and sisters

Firstly a big thank you for your response to the Gatherings since we have stopped booking. We are nearly full at our first meeting but there is still plenty of room at the second meeting. I understand that some of you may still not be coming due to medical reasons and we encourage you to continue to follow your doctor’s instructions.

Just a couple of further points for your attention:

  1. Be seated 5 minutes before the meeting. In order to facilitate the running of the meeting well we need people to be here at least 5 minutes before the meeting so you can hear the announcements giving instructions for the current meeting.  This would be in regards to who is on the prophetic ministry, what’s happening with the children’s ministry etc.
  2. SING!WORSHIP THE LORD WITH JOY!! We’ve not been able to sing for 12 months. Let’s make up for it! 


 We also ask of you to be patient with us as we try to restore full functioning at our Gatherings. To be able to do this we need more volunteers. Some areas eg. Hebrews coffee, PA needs assistance (includes camera work) are suffering due to lack of staff. 

Thanks everyone

Joseph Chircop

Senior Leader 

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