Dear brothers and sisters, 

Last Sunday’s Gathering was a very blessed time with the Lord and I look forward to an even greater move of the Holy Spirit this week.  I am grateful for your continued cooperation and participation at our Gathering.

Please note we will be operating our Sunday Gathering this week in the following manner:

  • The Gathering will start at 10:00am (livestreamed; Hall opens at 9.30am)
  • Extended time of Prayer from 11:30am till 12:30pm (NOT livestreamed)  
  • Wholly Grounds Café open both before and after the Gathering (9:15am till 9.50am then 11:30am till 12:00pm) 

Covid Issues:

  • No QR coding
  • Rows are spaced 1.5m apart.
  • Seat spacing sheets available for people who wish to maintain horizontal 1.5m distancing (2 seats) or who wish to have a 1 seat space between themselves and others. N.B It will be up to you to put out the seat spacing sheets.
  • Face masks are encouraged but are not compulsory. Our prayer ministers will wear face masks when praying with you.
  • Overflow seating upstairs and outside seating available.

Finally, the annual National Day of Prayer is on this Saturday the 26th of February. This is a day of prayer for our Nation, which I encourage you to participate in.  National day of prayer link 

Thank you very much for your love, compassion and understanding over the last two years. 

Your brother in Christ, 

Joseph Chircop

Senior Leader 

Watch Online

Livestream the event from home on Saturday 26th March 2022.

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