Lord, I stand in need of oil. My lamp burns dimly.
It is more like a smoking flax than a burning and shining light.
Oh, quench it not, raise it to a flame!

I want ‘power from on high’; I want penetrating, lasting ‘unction of the Holy One’; I want my vessel full of oil; I want a lamp of heavenly illumination, and a fire of divine love burning day and night in my heart; I want a full application of the blood which cleanseth from all sin, and a strong faith in thy sanctifying word.

In a word, Lord, I want a plentitude of thy Spirit, the rivers which flow from the inmost souls of the believers who have gone on to the perfection of their dispensation. I do now believe that thou canst and wilt thus baptize me with the Holy Ghost and with fire; help me against my unbelief; confirm and increase my faith.

Lord, I have need to be thus baptized by thee, and I am straitened till this baptism is accomplished.

Give me thy abiding Spirit, that he may continually shed abroad thy love in my soul.

Come, O Lord, with that blessed Spirit!

Come thou and thy Father, in that Holy Comforter!

Come to make thy abode with me, or I shall go mourning to my grave!

Righteous Father, I hunger and thirst after thy righteousness; send thy Holy Spirit of promise to fill me herewith, to sanctify me throughout, and to seal me completely to the day of eternal redemption.

Pour out thy Spirit on me till the fountain of living waters springs up abundantly in my soul, and I can say in the full sense of the words, that thou livest in me, and that my life is hid with Christ in God.

To thee, the first and the last, my Author and my end, my God and my all, be the praise and the glory forever and ever, amen.

Here then to thee thine own I leave,
Mould as thou wilt the passive clay;
But let me all thy stamp receive,
But let me all thy words obey;
Serve with a single heart and eye,
And to thy glory live and die

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