Just to keep you updated on what’s happening with the renovations in the main Hall. At this stage renovations are progressing well and on schedule. If things continue this way we will definitely be back to normal Gatherings by Sunday 11th April – the week after Easter Sunday. 

So, on 11th April, we will have two Gatherings again: 
– Gathering A, 10am (live-streamed) & 
– Gathering B, 11.50am. 

We will continue to keep you updated over the next few weeks. 

Just a reminder of our 40th anniversary celebration on 28th March, 10am. We look forward to seeing you as we celebrate together the goodness of God to us as a community over these past 40 years. The celebration will be held outside so ALL WELCOME! 

Yours in Christ’s Love

Joseph Chircop

Senior Leader