Dear brothers and sisters

This month I’ve decided to link my latest sharing for you as my editorial for September:

I hope you enjoy this. Let’s continue to be thankful to the Lord for His goodness to us and take the time to reflect – how have we changed during this time of Covid?

Your brother in Christ


Servants of Jesus Community regularly donates to Pat Dickson’s “Aid to the Elderly in Kenya”.   Pat Dickson is the aunt of Dr Mark Dickson, and recently her son, Alan, has been corresponding with us re the aid. We received this message a few days ago re our latest donation.

Dear All,
Just a few pictures of the handout this last Wednesday, our 10th in Covid times and still going well, and very much appreciated by all the elderly. A strong and resilient group of people really, but so pleased with receiving these regular support supplies. 

With best wishes to all,
Alan and the Let’s Go Travel Uniglobe team. 
We recently received a thank you from Robert Tumuhimbise, Uganda, for a donation given by SOJ and a member of the community:
“I trust you are well and the Lord is leading you on step by step. 

I am writing this mail to express our gratitude for the financial support we received. Your support came in at a time when we needed it most and has offered a great relief for us and our neighbors. 2 weeks ago we experienced heavy rains with hailstones which in away destroyed our  banana plantations. The sister at the babies home has her own story of God’s intervention with this very support. May God bless you abundantly.  Robert”

We also support an international rescue mission group who send their thanks. 

It’s humbling to see the incredible work that people are doing in other parts of the world to help those in need. For some, at great risk to their own lives. 

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