Dear brothers and sisters
I believe the time is NOW when God wants to move in us more powerfully, for us to have a greater passion for Him, and to evangelise. He is wanting us to move out, to focus outwardly. 
I spoke last Sunday from Ephesians 5:1-20 about the importance of not compromising with the things of darkness and having a healthy fear of the Lord which helps us remain detached from sin. I spoke on the need to go after the things of God, to walk in forgiveness and to resolve to spend personal time with God. So, when we come together there will be an overflow and we will see God move more powerfully.
St Bernard of Clairvaux shared the following during one of his sermons:
“We have all, I think, received the Spirit unto salvation, but not to all has He been given unto fervour. In fact only a very few appear to be filled with this spirit of fervour, very few show any desire to obtain it. We are content with our own cramped littleness, and make no endeavour to rejoice in, nor at least to aspire to the liberty of spirit which that Spirit confers….Let us pray, dearest brethren, that in us may be accomplished the days of Pentecost, the days of remission, the days of exultation, the days of the true jubilation. This experience of the Holy Spirit creates greater love.”
It's time, brothers and sisters, to turn our attention back to God and to focus on God moving, more than ever, in our midst. The time is NOW.
Your brother in Christ.  

We want to share with you what's been happening here during March and April:

After two years cancellation due to covid, we had the opportunity of being able to host, once again,  this day on 26th March at our Centre. What a wonderful day! Set aside for ladies. Many came together to enjoy fellowship, teaching and ministry. We also ran this via Zoom where those who couldn't be here physically because of illness or distance (eg. interstate) were able to join in the livestream, fellowship and receive ministry. Zoom was actually a great blessing as we were now able to open up the day to people who were previously prevented from taking part.

About half of the ladies who attended were visitors. It truly was a "beautiful" day, many people were touched by the gentleness of the Holy Spirit as He moved amongst His people. 

We had been running the Alpha course in four different areas of Community and on 2nd April all areas came together to host an Alpha Day at the Centre as an opportunity for those taking part to receive the Baptism in the Holy Spirit. About 11 visitors attended and, for some, it was a first time encounter with the Holy Spirit and, for others, it was an opportunity to grow deeper in His Love and awaken His gifts. All who attended were greatly blessed, including those of us who were part of the team.  Many received ministry and healing in response to words that were shared. Chrissy Conlon shared about her course which has been offered as a followup to the Alpha course - registrations have been received so this will run from 28th April. 

There was such a beautiful presence of the Holy Spirit throughout the entire day - a great testimony to the faithfulness of God and the openness of the people.

Chrissy Conlon and her team have been running this course via Zoom over the past 8 weeks for those in Uganda  (4am start for Aussies!). She has also been running the course on Tuesday evenings via Zoom for a  group in Melbourne, and Thursdays live at our Centre. These have now just finished and have proved again to be extremely successful. 

Thanks, firstly, goes to God who is ever present and changes our lives!
Thanks, secondly, to those who took part in the above outreaches and, thirdly, for those  on team who worked so hard to make the days/sessions run so smoothly. 

Please pray for our upcoming outreaches over the next couple of months:
FirePower Youth Conference - APRIL
(this week)
Healing Service - MAY 
Aim To Love course - APRIL to JUNE (follow up from Alpha)
Aim To Love monthly meetings with Uganda and Melbourne - APRIL to SEPTEMBER

God is indeed good!
Joe shares on how to Grow in the Lord. 
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