Healing Rooms

Seven Hills Healing Rooms
is part of a recognised international network where individuals encounter the healing power of Jesus.

Healing Rooms is open to everyone, by appointment only. Similar in set-up to a visit to the doctor, with a reception desk and waiting room, teams of three people then pray for healing in a gentle and safe private environment, invoking the presence of the Holy Spirit and the healing power of Jesus. Those who visit often give testimony to healing they have received.

Seven Hills Healing Rooms does not provide any service in connection with “Sexual Preference/Same-Sex Attraction or Gender Identity Conversion Practice.”

This is a free service, but donations are gratefully accepted.

Open First and Third Thursday Evenings of each month (except January), 7:00pm – 8.30pm.

Strictly by Appointment

For enquiries phone 0421 768 318

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Testimonies from people who have been to Healing Rooms.

For 4 years I battled with chronic back pain. This affected all aspects of my life – sitting, standing, walking, sleeping, dressing, hugging my loved ones.  The impact was both physical and emotional.  I attended Healing Rooms on the 17th November 2016, the team encouraged me to proclaim healing over my back which I did and I can definitely say I no longer have chronic back problem. I was healed through your prayer.  Thank you.”

– Michelle (Testimony provided 7 Feb 2019).

When I was on holidays in December 2013 I fell off a step I did not see at Sea World and broke my upper left arm and shoulder.  I broke the top of the humerus bone and chipped a piece off the ball joint about the size of a 10-cent piece.  I was in so much pain I needed an ambulance to Gold Coast hospital. The X-rays showed the bone stayed in alignment so no surgery was necessary.  However, the pain was intense. The doctor put it in a sling and prescribed strong pain killers, Endone and Panadeine Forte together.

Up until the Healing Rooms Training Day on 21 June 2014 at Seven Hills, I only had limited use of my left arm.  I could not lift it above shoulder height or put it behind my back without it hurting.  It was very painful if I tried to move it beyond the limited range I now had.  Towards the end of the Training Day, Franklyn Elliot, who was leading the session, said, now we are going to get practical.”  As a demonstration of the Healing Rooms model of praying for people, a team prayed for me for about 5 minutes with limited improvement.  The Lord revealed that negative word the orthopaedic surgeon spoke to me while they were praying with me.  After I told the team, they broke the power of that word and there was a sudden improvement.  I could lift it well above the shoulder the same as my right arm without pain, and I could put my left hand all the way across my back to the right side, without pain.  It was healed about 90%.  Since then it has continued to improve and I can now rotate it fully without pain, like bowling a cricket ball.

I thank Jesus for the miraculous healing He has done for me, the freedom from pain and recovery in the use of my arm and shoulder.”


We prayed with a woman suffering from continuing ear problems for 2 years, despite seeing many doctors. After prayer her left ear felt light; she said it had not felt that good for a long time.

A man came on crutches after a serious fall, which damaged his knee, 4 days before he was due to be operated on.  After prayer the pain left and he walked out carrying his crutches. No operation was needed.  He was healed of his injury.

A woman came in with a broken toe, broken wrist, and severely torn meniscus on the right knee after falling down concrete stairs at a railway station. A doctor had treated the injuries. She came in with a cast and prosthetic aids on her forearm, wrist and leg, with severe pain in her left wrist. After prayer she left with no pain. Pain in the right knee was considerably reduced.

I went to the Healing Rooms on 1st Thursday in May 2019 thinking I had breast cancer again. I hadnt been for a mammogram which I had the following Thursday and I was told everything was clear and my doctor confirmed that the following week. So even if I was thinking wrong, I give credit to God.”

– Eileen

I have come to the Healing Rooms many times feeling very uptight and gone away very peaceful.  Also, my diabetes and blood pressure are well controlled.

– Eileen

During prayer, a 7 year old girl was healed of Erbs Palsy (a condition caused by the muscles and nerves being stretched at birth which meant she couldnt move her arm or hand properly. It was limp with no power in it.) After her birth, her doctor wanted her to have radical surgery at 3months, cutting through the muscles on her arm, but her father refused. After prayer at Healing Rooms her GP said she was healed, but did not know how it happened.

A middle-aged lady had carpel-tunnel syndrome on her right forearm for 15 years. After prayer there was no more pain, no pins and needles.  She could put weight on her hand immediately and use it normally, which she had been unable to do for 15 years.


We prayed with an elderly woman with cancer (lymphoma) down the right side of her body. A month later she returned with good news from her doctor: she did not need a blood transfusion and her daughter said her mother was much improved after the prayer. When we prayed for her again she said she felt warmth right through her body.

A lady who had prayer for grief returned to give this testimony: I lost my husband 6 years ago and my disabled son 6 months ago. I was unable to do much of anything as I was depressed with grief. After my first session at Healing Rooms, I went home and started doing my work, getting up in the morning, walking my dog and doing paperwork.  It was a miracle. My mind has never been so clear in 6 years. I havent cried in 2 weeks.”

– Karen

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